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VMP Tour, Part 1: VMP Application Features
VMP Tour, Part 2: VMP Form Controls and Application-Level Features

VMP Tour, Part 3: Developing Applications with VMP
VMP Tour, Part 4: Developing Applications with VMP, continued
VMP Tour, Part 5: n-Tier Development with VMP
March 18, 2004 VMP Webinar

Visual MaxFrame Professional is an award-winning object-oriented framework for Visual FoxPro application development. VMP consists of the following:

  • an integrated set of class libraries (.VCXs)
  • .PRG-based library routines where appropriate
  • an Application Setup Wizard
  • developer tools
  • custom builders
  • miscellaneous files and utilities
  • complete source code and documentation
  • an online Help (.CHM) file plus 12 Tutorials
  • an extensive 1-Tier example application
  • an ever-growing n-Tier example application

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