What Is perfect vision?

Perfect Vision is our “Just-In-Time” approach to software development that focuses on delivering the highest priority software features when the business needs them. Perfect Vision provides an organization with confidence in knowing their applications are flexible enough to adapt to market and business changes as the software is being developed.

Organization vision develops incrementally. Shouldn’t the software supporting that vision do the same?

Principles of Perfect Vision

The principles of Perfect Vision reflect an agile approach to software development designed to maintain quality and flexibility throughout the life of an application while lowering the cost of Software In Process (SIP). SIP is defined as any part of application development that is not in production and is therefore not adding value to the business. Common examples of these include certain unnecessary documentation, overhead and untested or unreleased features. Perfect Vision activities are broadly divided into categories of Planning and Development although in practice, the principles complement one another throughout every step of the process on an iterative basis.

"Outsourcing made sense to us but we needed confidence that our technology was in good hands."
Carlos Quesada, CIO, GENESYS

Bottom line, as Perfect Vision delivers a continuous flow of software features it also produces regular, reliable data describing the health and velocity of the software project on a real-time basis. Managers use this data to predict when the project will be complete or when the next release will be ready; to properly allocate staff, adjust scope and manage goal dates and expectations.

Measurable data means better communication and more predictable results.

Developers are allowed to focus on the job of developing software, and with the data produced from Perfect Vision, managers can do something they previously found elusive – they can manage.

Let us show you how to have Perfect Vision

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