Perfect Rescue - Get Your Project Started Right Or Right Back On Track

What Is a Software Rescue?

Any software development project that isn't bringing your organization the results you had hoped for could be considered a project in need of rescue. In our experience a project doesn’t need to be considered off track already to be a candidate for a rescue. Successful projects come about from consistently following the right process. Some of our most successful projects have benefited from our agile development approach (Perfect Vision™) before the engagement began.

Perfect Rescue Case Studies

Software Rescues Come In Many Shapes and Sizes

Starting with our broad definition of a software rescue we’ve found that certain, often unforeseen, situations lead to the need for some form of rescue.

"We needed to meet strict federal requirements on a short deadline."

Steve Buchanan, Vice President, Exemplar Inc.

 Indications That a Project Is Headed For Rough Water

There are any number of indications that a project may be in need of some form of rescue and some are more obvious than others:

How We Get Your Project Back On Course

Our Perfect Vision™ approach to software development represents a powerful set of processes and tools for successful software development. We can apply this approach to a new project or to get a stalled project back on track. Our approach may involve:

The best way to find out if this unique approach is for you is to complete a Rescue Review. For more information contact Visionpace at or call 816-350-7900 or 888-904-7900 and ask to speak with someone about Perfect Rescue.