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  VMP User Group Support

User Group Support

Drew Speedie recently made presentations on a variety of VFP/VMP topics at these VFP User Groups:

Sacramento, CA Microsoft Database SIG

Phoenix VFP Users Group

Chicago Area VFP Users Group

Grand Rapids (MI) VFP Users Group

South Bay VFP SIG (San Jose, CA)

FoxPro Developers Network of San Diego

Orange County FoxPro Developers Group

Los Angeles Visual FoxPro Developers Group

Valley West FoxPro Developers Group 


Grand Rapids, MI

San Jose, CA

albfug.jpg (22764  bytes)

Albany, NY


Visionpace can provide a qualified speaker if you schedule a Visual MaxFrame Professional vendor presentation.

If you schedule a Visual MaxFrame Professional presentation and choose not to use one of our speakers/instructors, Visionpace can provide:

  • informational literature
  • a copy of VMP to raffle off

For more information, call our toll-free number (888-904-7900) or write to us at info@visionpace.com.