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How to receive fee-based support

To initiate a support incident, call toll-free 888-904-7900 and ask for VMP support.  Please have your credit card information ready.

Once payment is authorized, one of our support developers will call or e-mail you to initiate the support incident. Please note that we strongly recommend using e-mail for all support, for the following reasons:

  • A support developer may not be available at the moment you call.
  • You save long-distance phone charges.
  • Telephone communications are affected by "normal business hours" and time zones.
  • Most importantly, composing an e-mail forces you to organize your thoughts so as to accurately describe the problem in writing. Often, that process enables you to think through the problem in such a way that you figure out a solution on your own, saving the time and expense of a support incident. Even if you don't solve the problem yourself, writing it up properly speeds up the time we spend researching the problem, and improves the quality of our reply.

All support incidents are charged (to your credit card) at the rate of $150 per hour, with a $75 (half hour) minimum per incident. You are charged for all time spent researching the problem and communicating its details.

While we don't guarantee it, we strive to turn around all support items by the close of the following business day.

If we determine that your question/problem is due to a bug in Visual MaxFrame Professional, there is no charge for the support incident.

'Pay as you go' support

Many developers need ongoing support over a specific period of time, particularly when they are starting their first VMP project or working with a new set of features. For those situations, follow the procedures listed above, but rather than having to go through the paperwork for each support incident, your credit card will be billed for the time spent on each support incident.

How to receive free support

We have provided a VMP Discussion Area at this website. The Discussion Area is not a formal Visionpace support mechanism; the responses you receive are likely to be from your VMP user peers, and occasionally from one of us at Visionpace.

How to report a bug

Please report bugs in Visual MaxFrame Professional as described in the Report a bug page.