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  VMP Report a bug

Report a bug

If you have discovered what you think is a Visual MaxFrame Professional bug (not a Visual FoxPro bug), please feel free to report it here by sending an e-mail to Visionpace .

Please submit all bug reports in the standard bug reporting format, including the following items of information:

  1. Title (give a brief one-line description of the problem)
  2. Steps To Reproduce (give a list of steps that reproduce the problem, preferably in the VM example application)
  3. Observed Behavior (describe the behavior that you consider a bug)
  4. Expected Behavior (describe the behavior you would have expected)
  5. Other (optional, list any other information that will be helpful in debugging the problem)

If you do not include the above information in your bug report, please understand that it will likely be ignored, since it will lack the information vital to successful debugging.

Please do not submit more than one bug report per e-mail.

Do not send/attach code examples unless specifically requested to do so. Code examples that fit in the bug report e-mail message are fine.

If the item you submit does indeed prove to be a VMP bug, you will be advised of the fix/determination via e-mail.