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VMP 4.0 was reviewed in the December 1999 issue of FoxTalk Magazine:  " VMP remains one of the few frameworks that I recommend to many developers without hesitation. Even if you never were to build an application with the framework, Iím certain that most of us will find at least $400 worth of learning potential in the mature code, comments, and documentation."   To read the full article, click here.   For more information on FoxTalk Magazine, published by Pinnacle Publishing, www.pinpub.com/foxtalk.

"VMP is THE finest coding job I have ever seen. The product is so powerful yet so simplistic in implementation. You have given the FoxPro community a definitive example of coding excellence." -- Robert Moseley,Whitestone Consulting, 7/19/00.

"I have had an occasion to work on someone else's code recently, someone who steadfastly believes that it is better to build your own rather than to use a framework, and I am reminded all over again just how significant the impact
your work has been in contributing to my success.  There are at least three things I think a good framework like yours provides:
- ease in doing whatever has to be done
- a ton of support functions (e.g. splash screens, log-in forms, etc.)
- a standard in form and system design
When I see what this other developer has been able to accomplish is doing
essentially what your framework would do for him, I just shake my head--not
only has he spent a lot of time building all these features, they don't look as good. Anyway, thank you very much all over again. I am very much aware that I could not have done what I have done without your framework and your training." -- Reg Brehaut, Second Person Plural, Ltd., 7/29/00.

"Thank you very much for the excellent framework. I am continually amazed by the depth of the product and the quality of your (and others) work. I can't put a value on the time it has saved us and how good it has makes my company look to my clients. It has also given me the ability to combine my own classes and create a truly re-usable solution that allows us to aggressively bid projects and deliver "the goods". I have challenged several of my Visual-Basic-rules-the-world coworkers to replicate the functionality and speed that I can get in as short a development cycle as I can. When they look at things like the sortable, color-coded grids that actually remember each user's preferences, they just shake their heads and walk away. Keep up the good work!" -- Paul James, Life-Cycle Technologies, Inc., 2/7/01

"I THINK VMP 5.0 is FANTASTIC. I can hardly wait to see what wonderful things will make it into version 6.0. Making projects with VMP is almost like CHEATING! (Well, no. But I can give my client an extra $50,000 in final product value for less than $500!!!.) I was seriously considering moving on from FoxPro until I got VMP 4.0 back in the beta. Now, I don't want to use a language that doesn't have a framework like VMP available. Keep up the good work. I will buy the upgrades sight unseen. I know what they are worth!" Weldon Adair, Adair Software Corporation, 5/25/01

"I wholeheartedly recommend Visual MaxFrame Professional for everyone needing a flexible and economical general framework for VFP development. The flexibility it provides, and the issues it raises, explains, and solves, makes this an ideal tool for both quality development and accelerated learning. With its clear documentation and source included, you really can't go wrong." Steven M. Black, SBC/UP!

"MaxFrame Pro offers an excellent compromise between the do-it-all application generators, which can lock you into their way of doing things, and the difficulties of having to start each project from scratch. Framework components can be implemented as-is or replaced with extended functionality easily. MaxFrame gives us the power we need without restricting us from tapping into the power and flexibiity of FoxPro to meet a client's specific requirements." Ted Roche, MCSD, Blackstone Incorporated

"Visual MaxFrame Professional provides me with a solid framework on which to base my Visual FoxPro applications. I also find the included source code to be a great VFP learning tool. On top of that, VMP is the most flexible framework for FoxPro development that I have ever seen." Kelly G. Conway, WSA Corp.

"As an experienced VFP developer I can build my own framework... given at least 6 months time! And even then I might not think of all the scenarios that have already been planned for in Visual MaxFrame Professional. Factor in the costs involved... what's 6 months of your time worth, compared to the under $400 price for VMP, and heck, it's not even worth a week to try to build your own framework. It's a no-brainer!" Eldor Gemst, ELGEM Associates

"Over the last couple of weeks I have been evaluating Visual MaxFrame and now Visual MaxFrame Professional and have been impressed with its open (KISS) and elegantly designed architecture...gadzooks.. it actually has a reasonable learning curve, gives me what I need in a framework (without getting in the way), works with VFP 5.0, allows me to debug forms from the Command Window, EASILY integrate 3rd party tools, and doesn't require a 200 Mhz Pentium Pro with 128 Meg of memory!" Marshal Rosenberg, FoxPro developer and PADD board member, New York City

"VMP has taught me more about OOP than any of the books, articles, and seminars I've checked out. One of my clients is so impressed with the VMP app I developed for him that we sold it to a few of his 'competitors' and they all love it. It cut their billing process from hours to minutes - literally! So we've formed a corp. to market it. The business list I got from InfoUSA lists 9000 potential clients. That means with a modest percentage of sales we could be into 7 figures!" Ron Combes, S.O.S., Inc.

"Visual MaxFrame Professional has been a crucial factor in allowing me to quickly "redesign" a DOS-based application into a seven module, 34 table Windows application in minimal time. By using VMP, I have been able to concentrate on better application design and incorporate business rules rather than worrying about building basic framework components. In addition, the example application was a tremendous aid in helping me to learn how to apply the framework, as well as prompt ideas for different design approaches. If time is of the essence, and your users like consistent, feature rich user interfaces (and you want to spend less time deep in code), I would highly recommend Visual MaxFrame Professional. Bill Gatewood, Bay Leaf Software & Consulting

"MaxFrame is the clear leader in VFP frameworks. Flexible enough for any size project, from large scale client-server apps to small quick and dirty single user apps. Well documented code, comprehensive manual and extensive update notes. Easy to keep up-to-date. Highly customizable. Versatile enough to "do it your way". A blessing to developers, forms can run stand-alone and still function properly making the edit/compile/test loop quite short. A hidden benefit is the many work-arounds for VFP's quirks and bugs. Choosing MaxFrame over other frameworks is a no-brainer. And, if you are considering writing your own, think about the fact that MaxFrame WORKS out of the box. Your custom framework will not be functional and bug free for months. In my opinion, it is always preferable to start with something that works. Another benefit is the constant stream of improvements and new features that will become available to your product automatically. You benefit from the bug-fixes and enhancements made by or on behalf of other developers around the world." Ray Kirk

"Our development team researched several frameworks and decided on VMP because it contained more flexibility than any other. We did not have the time to develop a framework from the ground up and VMP got us up to speed quickly. The framework has all of the basics for a great application and it was designed with flexibility in mind. By following the practical documentation, we are able to easily put pieces together and modify or override features as desired. They have thought of just about everything and have added easy-to-use hooks for us to add extra features as needed. The developers of VMP thought through their design carefully and they did a great job at documenting reasons why they chose certain design patterns over others." R. Scott Alvord, Progamming Supervisor, Adventist Health

"MaxFrame has given us a significant advance in the development (ie coding) of a mission critical application that we are writing for Coinamatic. The code that is in the framework is of very high quality (very few bugs) and has given us excellent code examples and structures. I have led a large number of development projects, this is the first where the bottleneck in development is not the code generation but the business rules extraction out of the users." Arie VanderSpek, Director MIS, Coinamatic

"We are using VMP for two projects at present. One for one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. The other is for a major project for the UK's National Health Service. It has allowed us to develop a very strong framework with excellent security and allowed very Rapid Application Development. Any problems are rapidly sorted out by (Drew/Visionpace.)With the large number of other users and developers it give my framework and much of my application many hundreds of testers. I would thoroughly recommends its use by any size of application." Richard Simmons, Cactus Computer

"I think that the greatest advantage of using VMP is that you work with a tool that it is a true framework: besides providing those (sometomes) hard to achieve services every application needs, you still have the necessary degrees of freedom that enables you to build your own application fast and safe. Everything else comes out of this." Attila Printz, MEDA SA

"If the Visual Foxpro 6 foundation classes are like a bicycle with training wheels, VMP is a Hum-Vee! It provides a heavy duty professional's framework for RAD, with great depth and attention to detail. Well-written tutorials make it accessible to beginners, while seasoned Foxpro veterans making the transition to VFP and object-orientation will find it a great accelerated learning tool." Jim Hewitt, Top Giver Software

"VMP allows us to maintain an intermediate level framework and easily subclass from it for new projects. It provides our team with a well documented and standardized development approach, with a minimum of code, which is of great value for maintainability, exchangeability and consistency. VMP includes a wealth of classes, sample solutions and handy tools to get the job done and it deals with some very sophisticated OOP challenges in an elegant way using design patterns." Omar van Galen, The (Internet) Database Company BV

"With Visual Maxframe Professional, I can concentrate on my customer, not on the complex details of developing an application framework. VMP gives me a framework that includes error handling, a report catalog manager, and hooks to 3rd party utilities (e.g. SDT) among other nice features. With VM's excellent documentation and examples, I was quickly able to base my forms on the appropriate form classes." Dan Wellisch

"Visual MaxFrame Professional has been a simple yet powerful tool that had helped me put a showable application which includes a menu, project, full-fledged .DBC with views, and five major data entry forms each with a pageframe containing an average of six-pages pageframes each, all fully operational -- in a little less than two weeks." Antonio Lozada

"I've been using VMP for a few years. I just switched jobs, and created my first system for my new employer using VMP 3.x. It took me a week, they had expected 2-3 months (plus it looks and works better than anything they've ever done). Sincere thanks for helping me in my success! " Darren Young, FMI International

"First, a disclaimer: I have not used any other framework in a production environment. I have messed around with a couple, and experimented with building my own. But I gotta say, Visual MaxFrame is amazing. There is so much stuff in there that, almost four years after starting to use it, I find new features just about every week. In a variety of areas. And typically, the VMP implementation is so precisely what I need that I'm tempted to retrofit existing code to take advantage of these features. (I have resisted these urges so far.) The only complaint I could possibly have is that a little voice doesn't come out of my speaker when I'm coding, to tell me something like, 'Sorry, Zahid, you shouldn't do that. VMP already does it for you, and better.' So thanks, guys ... you make my job easier :)" Zahid A. Ali, Synergy Consulting, Inc., Sacramento, CA, USA