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  Download VMP tutorials

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Download the VMP tutorials

Tutorials are available to help you get started with Visual MaxFrame Professional, either to start a new application, or to walk you through the process of creating other application-specific items.

Number Title Last Revised Download file
Tutorial 1 Start a new application 1/23/02 VMP5-T-01.ZIP 315KB
Tutorial 2 Single-Table Data-Entry Form Based on frmDEGridNav2Pages 12/28/01 VMP5-T-02.ZIP 176KB
Tutorial 3 Picklist Form Based on frmPicklist 8/21/01 VMP5-T-03.ZIP 37KB
Tutorial 4 Picklist-Validation Textbox Based on txtPicklistValid 8/16/01 VMP5-T-04.ZIP 47KB
Tutorial 5 ctrPicklistValid  6/5/02 VMP5-T-05.ZIP 83KB
Tutorial 6 Single-Table Data-Entry Form Based on frmDEGridNavNoPages 9/9/01 VMP5-T-06.ZIP 84KB
Tutorial 7 One-to-Many Form with Data-Entry Grid Based on frmDEGridNav2Pages 9/3/02 VMP5-T-07.ZIP 77KB
Tutorial 8 Present a Grid-based Memo Field in a Separate frmMemoEdit Dialog 9/3/02 VMP5-T-08.ZIP 52KB
Tutorial 9 Create a "Simple Listing" Report 9/24/01 VMP5-T-09.ZIP 34KB
Tutorial 10 Create a "Custom" Report (object) 1/20/03 VMP5-T-10.ZIP 42KB
Tutorial 11 Use Selection Criteria Objects to Filter a Report 9/28/01 VMP5-T-11.ZIP 42KB
Tutorial 12 Implementing User Security 1/23/02 VMP5-T-12.ZIP 416KB
The works -- all the above plus the ZCONCORD.DOC concordance file used to create the index for each tutorial 1/20/03 VMP5-T.ZIP 1414KB