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Visual FoxPro services and downloads

Visual FoxPro, a component of the Visual Studio suite of developer tools is a great way to build multitier, client-server, and Web-based applications. Visual FoxPro integrates a true object-oriented language with its own native data engine. The blazingly fast engine of Visual FoxPro, its ability to create data-intensive COM components, and its integration with Visual Studio make it an ideal tool ... for today and tomorrow.

Visionpace offers a full range of Visual FoxPro consulting services, including:

Our VFP development team is headed by Drew Speedie, internationally recognized VFP expert. We also have a number of additional senior VFP staff.

Download white paper explaining all the enhancments Microsoft made to the Grid control in VFP 8.0

This VFP8GridEnhancements.DOC is an article that describes and illustrates all the new features and enhancements Microsoft made to the Grid control base class in VFP 8.0.

Download VFP8GridEnhancements.ZIP 16KB zip file.

Download VFP tips and tricks

This EXAMPLES.APP contains a miscellaneous compilation of various VFP tips, tricks, and techniques.  It was the basis of Drew Speedie's Tips and Tricks bonus session at DevCon2000 in Miami Beach on September 27, 2000.   EXAMPLES.APP may be updated from time to time in the future, so you may want to download it again in the future.

Download EXAMPLES.APP last updated 10/10/00, 150KB zip file.

Download a VFP hacking tool

Here's a free "hacking" tool that allows you (among other things), to redefine the Parent of existing forms/classes and their members.

Download hacking tool