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Visual MaxFrame Professional Subscription Program

Visual MaxFrame Professional (VMP) is provided on a subscription basis only. This policy provides the following benefits:

  1. Continuous enhancements: We can dramatically shorten our new release cycle time. In fact, new releases will become available much more frequently as we will not have to save all the "cool new stuff" for a major release that we must charge for. This will be a continuous development process.

  2. Single code base:  We will not have to maintain old versions since there will be little or no reason for subscribers to not use the current version of the framework. Support will be provided for users of the current version.

  3. Support: We will continue to provide primary support through our VMP forum (at http://vmpdiscussion.visionpace.com). Additional (premium) support (e-mail or phone) will be available at US$150 per hour billable in half-hour increments. Premium support will be available only for current subscribers.

  4. Beta versions:  Subscribers will be able to download beta versions of upcoming releases.

  5. Notification: Subscribers will notified by e-mail as soon as framework updates are available.

Subscription Program Details

  1. New license
    Purchase of a single VMP license is US$499. (See schedule below for multi-developer and multi-year discounts.) Purchase of a new VMP license includes a one-year subscription. (See #2.)

  2. Subscription renewal
    Purchase of a one-year subscription is US$249. This will provide you with one year of free updates and full access to the VMP discussion forum. In addition, as a subscriber, you will have access to all beta versions of VMP as they become available. We will attempt to notify you of your subscription expiration one month in advance via e-mail.

Price Schedule (all prices in US dollars per user)  

1-4 developers 5-9 developers 10+ developers
New license $499 $449 $399
Renewal $249 $249 $249

Example:  You have five FoxPro developers on staff. Three are already subscribers and two would like to subscribe. You may combine all five to get the 5-user discount. 3 subscriptions x $249 + 2 new licenses x $449 = $1645

Multi-year Discounts:  US$199 (20% savings) for each additional year's subscription purchased. Discount applies ONLY to the additional year(s). Multi-developer and multi-year discounts apply to purchases made on one invoice.

Example: You would like to buy a new VMP license and get the discount for the additional year purchase. Your cost would be $499 + $199 = $698. You have five developers, all of them current subscribers and you'd like to renew their subscriptions for two more years. Your cost would be ($249 x 5) + ($199 x 5) = $2240.

VMP License Policy: A licensed copy is required for any individual who has access to the source code. A VMP license is specific to an individual but may be transferred to another person. Applications written using the VMP framework may be distributed royalty-free as long as no VMP source code is included with the application distribution.