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  VMP review in FoxTalk magazine

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VMP 4.0 reviewed in FoxTalk Magazine

The December 1999 issue of FoxTalk Magazine included a review of Visual MaxFrame Professional 4.0 in what is referred to as an "extended article" (available for download, but not included in the printed issue).   For more information regarding FoxTalk Magazine, check out www.pinpub.com/foxtalk.

Here's a quotation from the summary of the article:

"VMP remains one of the few frameworks that I recommend to many developers without hesitation. Even if you never were to build an application with the framework, Iím certain that most of us will find at least $400 worth of learning potential in the mature code, comments, and documentation."

Click here to view the FoxTalk Magazine review of VMP 4.0 as an .HTM fil .

Click here to download a (zipped) .PDF file of the FoxTalk Magazine review of VMP 4.0 .