Test-Driven Development




Test Driven Development is an Agile software development practice that facilitates the design process while providing a safety net for changes in code. It is a foundation for most Agile methodologies that can dramatically improve the quality and deliverability of applications.


This hands-on course will take you through the process of writing tests first, driving the design and implementation of your application code. You will learn to implement what is needed and avoid the overhead of writing unnecessary code. You will gain an understanding of how to identify and improve unclear and unclean code. In short, you will move beyond writing code “that works” to writing more maintainable code that works well.


You will learn to use tools that assist you in running automated tests and getting code coverage metrics. You will develop a built-in quality assurance interface to add to your software development skill arsenal.


This is a two day course, with an optional third day covering customer/acceptance testing.


Days 1 and 2 will cover;



Day 3 will cover;



This course requires a working knowledge of C# or VB.NET. We will be using Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0.